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Christmas Stockings

This is a quilted mat to use under a hot mug of coffee, cocoa, or tea. It has 2 pockets for holding tea bags, sweetener, and a spoon or stirrer. It is quick to make, uses small amounts of fabric, and makes a great gift.

Use your choice of lightweight fabrics, prints or solids. Use a binding that matches the fabric, or go for a contrast with a different color. The quilting stitches can be a matching or contrasting color, as well.

What you need:

* 3 squares of decorative fabric, each 6" by 6" (I used a cotton print)

* Square(s) of filler fabric, also 6" by 6". (For the photos, I used two pieces of an upholstery weight velvet. You can also use batting, or fleece)

* Ready-made bias binding.

Fabric used for this project, each 6x6.

Start by making a sandwich of your fabric: Put the filler between 2 squares of decorative fabric, with right sides out. Pin the layers together.

Stitch through all the layers.

Completed quilting. I used simple straight lines.

Trim off any uneven edges, so all layers are even. Make sure to use a ruler to keep your piece square.

Make the pocket: Take the 3rd piece of fabric, and fold it in half, right sides out.

Pin the pocket to one side of the "sandwich", having the lower raw edges even. About 1 3/4' from one side, mark a line from the folded edge to the raw edge. (This makes the 2 pockets for the teabag and spoon)

Stitch along the marked line.

Trim off any excess pocket fabric, so your edges are even again.

Attach the binding to the first edge: Open out the folded edge of the bias binding, and pin to the top side of the mat, with the raw edges even. Using the fold line as your guide, stitch the binding to the mat. (Make sure you catch all the layers (pocket, top, padding, and bottom) in your stitching.)

Trim the binding at each edge so the edges are even.

Trim seam allowance slightly. This will make it easier to wrap the binding around the edge.

Wrap the folded edge of the bias binding around to the underside of the mat. Make sure the the folded edge covers the line of stitches. Pin or baste in place. From the right side, "stitch in the ditch". This means to stitch in the depression where the two fabrics meet.

Repeat this step on the opposite edge of the mat.

To do the 3rd edge. leave the binding extending slightly from each end. Stitch in place

Enclose the corner: After stitching, fold the binding upward....

....wrap the extended binding around the edge to the underside....

....and fold the binding down, covering all the raw edges.

And there you have it - a cute mug mat suitable for keeping or giving.

Special thanks to Lois/SewMagical for creating this wonderful project for us.

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